Coming up with a Plan

Having a goal is great, but you also need a detailed plan that helps you achieve that goal. The broadcast industry is a complicated mine field. It is of utmost importance to come up with a plan of action before you start investing money on broadcast equipment or getting your broadcast on the air. If you are not calculated in every move you make, you can end up making big mistakes that can cost you precious time and money.

Avoiding the Pitfalls

Learning from your mistakes is great, but why not learn from other people’s mistakes. Many regret the mistakes they made and if they “had it to do over again, they would do it differently.” We can identify some of the mistakes that are commonly made when starting a new broadcast, or growing a broadcast, and help you avoid them. We have made mistakes too, along the way and we want to help you do it better the first time.

Let us Help

We won’t charge a penny to give you our advice. We want the message of the gospel to be spread throughout our world and we will give our time to you free of charge to aid in this common goal. Let our experienced team walk you through the complicated steps to get your broadcast on the air, or getting on more stations in the best, most cost-effective way.

Our ultimate desire is the spread of the gospel message. We will do everything we can to give your ministry an edge and provide you with the most effective airtime at the best rates.