Local Stations

Putting your broadcast on individual local markets is one of the best ways to capture and build a loyal audience. Many of our broadcasters began on one local market and have been successful in growing their broadcast to many markets. Broadcasting on local stations also gives you the ability to better track your response. With better tracking capabilities, you are able to better understand which outlets are working for you and which are under-performing. We can help you come up with a targeted and strategic plan that will help your ministry succeed.

Satellite Radio

Satellite Radio has experienced much growth in the last several years. It can also be an attractive option for those ministries that want instant nationwide exposure. With so many channels and variety in content, it is important to be careful and precise in making your decision about the time slot and station choice. Let us help you negotiate a great rate on the right station for your ministry.

Regional Radio

Regional radio is usually made up of an AM radio station with a large footprint that can sometimes span several states. These stations can be extremely cost effective tools for spreading your message to a wide area with very little cost. Call us today to find out more.

Our ultimate desire is the spread of the gospel message. We will do everything we can to give your ministry an edge and provide you with the most effective airtime at the best rates.